Fantasia dating a married man

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Please allow me to sat a few things regarding the matter at hand. Yes it is sad, but i can say this, once you know Jesus, you will NEVER stray too far. Her to walk in the woman's house and start slicing children out of her womb? That includes putting your attention and body somewhere when it can hurt someone and you're brand new to the situation. Fanny met the man 2nd week in August and a month later (2nd week in September as stated) he leaves his wife and 2 Kids?????I feel sorry for his wife, I live and work in Charlotte, I do not know her but I know someone who does! and 2nd off ppl need to be pointing the finger at antwaun cook becuz he is jus as guilty and third off im so amused i mean i go to skwel where his wife werks at and she runs round hea actn immature and loves to start drama and thinks that she's badd and talks bout students but now ha husband dune cheated on ha wit fantasia ... No, you can’t wreck a home, but when you step to a married man, you’re not even giving them the opportunity to mend the broken home. would you like to start a poll now, honey because I'm ready with my contribution and that is a big fat HELL NO I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH SOMEBODY ELSE HUSBAND OR MATE, AND FOR THE FIRST FOOL THAT TRIES TO DECEIVE ME INTO THINKING HE IS SINGLE WHEN ATTACHED HE MAY BE MISSING AN ATTACHMENT BY THE TIME I GET THROUGH WITH HIM. She will open her eyes one day, i just pray it wont be too late.. No matter what religion you are understand two things and you won't go too far. Fanny aint all that rich with an almost foreclosure last year so I doubt its all about money. Is it really that bad that you would blame his wife for his dumb actions?“I’m not going to deny that the word ‘homewrecker’ is floating around,” a friend of the singer says.And adding fuel to the fire: Fantasia has tattooed Antwaun's last name on her left shoulder to match one he has, says the friend.

He attended the Pink Party concert with her in Atlanta a few weeks ago where Fanny even called his name on stage. Antwaun was with her last night at the Soul Train Music Awards. Our source tells us he was hiding from the camera because he is legally married as we speak. It was then changed in denotation to be an area that is considered the slums. Obviously what the two of them did was disrespectful, but come on now be for real.They seem like a happy couple and they’re clearly defying the odds despite their super fast wedding.Aren’t you glad that Fanny’s finally found true love??? And while her career initially flourished, bad decisions — both ­professional and personal — took their toll.The situation came to a head in the spring of 2010 during the divorce trial of her then-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, with allegations and accusations of home-wrecking, pregnancy and sex tapes. 9, 2010, when Fantasia attempted suicide by downing a bottle of aspirin. Her personal rebuilding began when she ­channeled that pain into her first Grammy-winning song, “Bittersweet” in 2011, but that was just the start of the healing process.Daily affirmations posted on her mirror — “You are strong,” “You are wise” — and a copy of self-help bible The Power of Now keep her grounded today.

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