Formview itemupdating objectdatasource

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Furthermore, both controls enable you to page forward and backward through a set of data items.The difference between the two controls concerns the user interface that the controls render.

In particular, you learn how to display, page, edit, insert, and delete database records with the Details View.When you take advantage of AJAX, only the Details View control and not the entire page is updated when you navigate to a new page of records.Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) enables you to retrieve content from a web server without reloading the page.Custom fields for the Grid View control are discussed in the final section of “Using the Grid View Control.”The Details View control includes two properties that you can use to display a message when no results are returned from its data source.You can use the Empty Data Text property to display an HTML string, or the Empty Data Template property to display more complicated content.

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