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Why People Call Samaritans Hotline No matter what the cause, people call Samaritans hotline for countless reasons including: – feeling scared, overwhelmed, depressed or isolated – having something they’re afraid to talk about to anyone else – being unable to afford help or professional treatment – needing to talk with someone they know will keep it confidential – needing a place to turn between counseling or treatment sessions – feeling uncomfortable talking to family, friends, clergy or health professionals – feeling on the verge of some form of self-destructive behavior or suicidal act Volunteers Befriend Those in Crisis When people who are in distress or crisis call Samaritans, morning, noon and night they reach a caring hotline volunteer who will take them seriously, listen to what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing without giving them unwanted advice or expressing their own personal judgements.

Samaritans over 100 volunteers come from diverse multi-cultural backgrounds and go through an intensive training where they focus on: effective crisis communication; the key behaviors in providing emotional support; identifying warning signs, risk and protective factors; assessing suicide risk; exploring the individual’s current situation, available resources and, when necessary, potential safety or emergency planning. Department of Health & Human Resources have documented the effectiveness of hotlines in increasing protective factors for a person in distress and reducing their suicide ideation.

Research Documents Hotline Effectiveness Hotline research has found that people in crisis receive palpable benefits when they talk to a hotline counselor trained in active listening. The “Evaluation of Crisis Hotline Outcomes” by Madelyn Gould, Ph D, Professor in Psychiatry & Public Health, Columbia University found “a significant reduction in [the emotional state of callers] from beginning to end” of a call and that callers’ emotional state and level of suicidal ideation continued to improve several weeks after their call was completed.

“A Silent Monitoring Study of Telephone Help…” by Brian Mishara, Ph D, Director, Centre for Research and Intervention on Suicide & Euthanasia, University of Quebec, found that “people in need are calling hotlines” and a “supportive approach with good contact and directive style provides the best outcomes.” Using Samaritans Hotline As A Referral With its immediate accessibility to personalized individual support, Samaritans hotline provides needed support between counseling sessions and other appointments, a transition from one form of care or treatment to another as well as a service that can provide ongoing emotional support at the time of a person’s crisis and through the hours, days, weeks and months of their distress, trauma and recovery.

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