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A 2008 study found that adults with ASD commonly experience difficulty starting social interactions, longing for greater intimacy, a profound sense of isolation, and effort to develop greater social or self-awareness. British psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen said that an increasingly technological society has opened up niches for people with Asperger syndrome, who may choose fields that are "highly systematised and predictable." People with AS could do well in workplace roles that are "system-centered, and connect with the nitty-gritty detail of the product or the system." An autistic savant is an autistic person with extreme talent in one or more areas of study.

Although there is a common association between savant syndrome and autism (an association made popular by the 1988 film Rain Man), most autistic people are not savants and savantism is not unique to autistic people, though there does seem to be some relation.

One in ten autistic people may have notable abilities, but prodigious savants like Stephen Wiltshire are very rare; only about 100 such people have been described/identified in the century since savants were first identified, and there are only about 25 living identified prodigious savants worldwide.

Autism is thought of as a condition mostly affecting males, with males up to four times more likely than females to be diagnosed as autistic or Asperger syndrome.

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Find someone you want to talk with one on one through the chat rooms or our search feature?Individuals with Asperger syndrome (AS) may develop problems in their abilities to engage successfully in interpersonal relationships.Asperger syndrome may lead to problems in social interaction with peers.Although sample sizes are too small to draw firm conclusions, one study suggests that women with autism are less likely than males over the long-term to marry, have families, go to college, have a job, and live on their own.Females may also be different from males in terms of interests; autistic females rarely have interests in numbers or have stores of specialized knowledge.

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