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All profiles will be reviewed and approved by the site administrator.For all inquiries, suggestions and comments please email [email protected] use "contact us" page.What beats the newspapers classifieds, original refuge of the lonely hearts club?Put in an ad in the Sunday papers, make sure to avoid irrelevancies like emotional baggage or sexual preferences, and take special care in mentioning pertinent details like caste and horoscope. Volunteering with the sole intent of trying to find a boo is an awful thing to do.

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Just be warned though, there's a 97% chance any girl you approach will be accompanied by either her sinister minister boyfriend, her gang of disapproving female friends, or her male "best friend" who joins you two on the dancefloor. This is a solid source of potential significant others.

However, some people do believe fitness is a lifestyle and would like someone to share that passion.

Life is hard and love is harder and we're all going to die, but snuggles in the interim are always nice.

Dating is a minefield filled with disapproving relatives, religious obstacles, time constraints, and plain old lack of choice. Keep in mind that the pool of eligible singles is very very small. If you want to break the cycle, here are your best bets : This is the jackpot.

Or if you're an expat, exclusively dating other expats.

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