Friends reunited dating dating

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In point of fact, there is still information on the site about some of your old school or college friends.If you complete the very simple registration process, and your over 35, you will probably find the odd name you recognise from your school days with a tiny bit information about what happened to them.However, mostly this information is also out of date, so all you will get is a good idea of what had happened to your friends five or six years ago.If you want to know how their getting on now, you might be better off on facebook.

I'm looking for some good people to go to restaurants, movies and bars with. This is a problem, because you liked the guy/girl and want to further the relationship.

I’ve never been in a wedding where I wasn’t the Maid of Honor, which I would assume means I’m a pretty good friend to have.

I can be sarcastic, but like to refer to it as quick witted.

Of course, to be understood and truly loved would be fantastic too!!

I am a friendly, easy going person with a 4 year degree looking for someone similar.

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