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Dublin is home to two of them: the Boilerhouse and the Dock, places where huge numbers of gay and bisexual men of all ages, forgoing smartphone technology, still go to have sex.Kevin, who is 32, has been going to the Boilerhouse several times a year since 2012.Some people did warn me in advance that it was a bunch of old men, but I said to myself, ‘I’m just going to go and see what the story is.’ Back in those days it was a bit of an older gentleman’s place. I went there on my birthday last year, and the lads were about 18 or 19. The eldest, from what I recall, would be in their late 70s.” But while the younger men are often openly gay, Kevin says, many older men are “very strict on privacy” and are often closeted.

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evolved from political and social initiatives dating back to the early 1980’s.

One adult shop, Glam World, on Mary Street, caters for both gay and straight people who come to watch films.

It also has private booths where customers can have sex.

Dating and hook-up apps such as Grindr may have changed its dating scene, but one aspect of gay culture remains largely unchanged: its saunas.

Ireland has had gay saunas since at least the 1980s, although they’re rarely talked about in the mainstream media, or even in the LGBTQ community.

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