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Why talk about what you're having for lunch or where you are going for the weekend when you can be focused on your sexual proclivities and network with others who might have common interests?“Friends with benefits” – it’s a term we’ve all heard by now.If what either of you is really hoping for is a FWB situation that eventually turns into a relationship, you’re better off not getting involved at all. The simpler you can keep the relationship, the better.The whole point is to be light-hearted about your connection and to have .If you’re like most people, you may even have wondered if it’s right for you and with good reason.While there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving, committed relationships, friends with benefits arrangements bring their own perks to the table.

And you don’t have to build up the courage to suggest it.Don’t add confusion to the situation by blurring lines.In other words, act like a friend with whom you happen to be sexually involved, not a romantic partner.Avoid letting yourself obsess over what the other person might be thinking or doing when you’re not together.Don’t spend too much time thinking about or discussing your emotions and feelings either. Speaking of keeping things simple and not acting like a couple, it’s not a great idea to let your FWB relationship infiltrate other areas of your life.

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