Gstt dating personals are dylan sprouse and brenda song dating

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Well I hope you do im sorta in the same boat as you, I had meet my ex on line in jan 05 to we dated for a while then he broke up with me to move in with another girl, then fer a few month he avoid me until one day I ran into him I was babysiting and he was rididng his bike and since then he started coming around last summer and I started to fall in love with him, Then one day he told me he was going to afgasitan for a couple years but then he didnt end up going, anyways, I was to scared to tell im I love him, we still talk but that Dec he got a truck drive job and I had a bf but now I dont.

I dont know how Mike felt bout me I mean he would tell people off for me, he said if he knew how I felt and if i told him he would of went back out with me last summer, but I didnt tell him at all, I wish I did and now its to late cause he truck drives 24-7, I guess we kept giving each other mixed signals..

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Then I got an email from him right before my surgery this year, saying that his GF was finally pregnant - and they had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half - he broke up with me only a year before that - so he stuck his foot in it - when he accused me of cheating - he was sleeping with this ho.

Its been almost two years now - and I am fully over him.

Hang in there - it does get so much easier - and you know - when we go through these things, it truly does make us stronger and wiser.I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time in your life.You aren´t alone though and I can´t tell you if you will get over him.I don´t know if things are meant to last forever but you should enjoy them while they do.If things aren´t meant to be you shouldn´t force them.

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