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Once removed from its waterproof case—to the Go Pro what armor was to the knight—it is small and spare.

People say “matchbox-size” but it’s more like two matchboxes.

It has no display, so you can’t see what’s in the frame.

In a way, this doesn’t matter, because the wide-angle lens takes in so broad a field (everything in focus, everything lit) that you need only point it in a general direction and you can expect to capture something good.

Now, with his companions lagging behind, he started down the trail, which descended steeply into an alpine meadow. So you’d think that, cameras or not, he’d remember the moment with some fondness. He used to just do the thing—plan the killer trip or trick and then complete it, with panache.

As he accelerated, he noticed, to his left, an elk galloping toward him from the ridge. Here was his money shot—the stuff of TV ads and real bucks. What with his headache and the ample footage of the past days, he’d thought to hell with it, and had neglected, just this once, to turn his Go Pros on. Maybe a photographer or film crew tagged along, and afterward there’d be a slide show at community centers and high-school gyms, or an article in a magazine.

But when it came time for him to talk, just before the opening, he teared up, presumably at this culmination of so much hard work—years of risks rewarded, doubts dashed, overpromises met, and paternal expectations exceeded. “The button shot is amazing,” he said; it had captured Woodman reaching down toward the camera to press a lit panel that would initiate the day’s trading—the had leased for the occasion in order to display Go Pro videos.

Among the cavalcade of images was an underwater shot of Woodman’s toddler son learning to swim: a private event now magnified into mythology in the hall of mirrors that is our world of cameras and screens.

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The Go Pro is defined as much by its limitations as by its advantages.

Still, the clarity of the picture, which renders trees, waves, seracs, clouds, and cliffs with a kind of lysergic radiance, flatters the natural world. Woodman, in jeans and a dark-blue button-down shirt, tan and fit with white teeth and spiky dark hair, led them in impromptu banshee howls, the feral woo-hoos of joyriders everywhere, and chants of “Go Pro! He pointed a Go Pro at himself and howled, “This is really happening! Becoming a multibillionaire may not be as rare an occurrence these days as riding a mountain bike through a herd of elk, but it is nonetheless a feat worthy of documentation.

Go Pro’s offering price, of twenty-four dollars a share, valued the company at around three billion dollars. ”After the bell, while the Go Pro employees milled around and posed for photos, Brad Schmidt, Go Pro’s creative director, working on a laptop with Go Pro editing software, quickly cut the footage into a packet to present to the TV producers who’d be interviewing Woodman and his fellow-executives throughout the day.

Before the opening bell, legions of Go Pro executives, employees, family, and friends gathered on the ground floor of the , so bell ringings are Potemkin affairs—in this case, not only for the usual phalanx of TV cameras but also for the fifty-odd Go Pros the team had brought along, so everyone could chronicle the occasion from a variety of unconventional vantages. High-tech guts in low-tech disguise—it’s “cute and fancy,” as the late Sony chairman Akio Morita is supposed to have said of the Walkman.

A Go Pro Hero 3 , the latest iteration (the tech rumor mill predicts that the Hero 4 will début next month), costs between three hundred and four hundred dollars.

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