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Even her name remains a mystery, as observers believe Ri is actually a pseudonym designed to keep her life before marriage a secret.

Thousands of people come here daily to find information, friendship, hope, support, and romance.Ri is also known for her love of fine fashion, which is unusual in North Korea.When she was first described by the country's press she was said to be wearing 'a trim black suit in the Chanel tradition' and once gifted a Dior bag to Kenji Fujimoto, Kim Jong-il's sushi chef.Elsewhere, the It is believed she gave birth to their first child the following year with subsequent births taking place in 2013 and possibly in 2016, after she disappeared from public.According to US basketball star Dennis Rodman, who is an unlikely friend of Kim, their middle child is called Ju-ae, after he let the information slip in an interview. Before marrying Kim, Ri was reportedly sent to Kim Il-sung University, the country's most prestigious, to study a six-month course in being the first lady.

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