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Cross Orton Com- mon'to Orton Cross Orton Moor and Ravens- zrorthj and Mea- bourn Moors to Hough Burwalls Applesy Ok I 6i 7 3 10 2 12 2 14 3 1 1 22 23 24 Sharr End, esq. Being desirous of improving himself in the know- ledge of divinity, he went to Louvain in the low countries, where he studied for about two years, ■H'hen receiving advice that his uncle, Dr. was advanced to the bishopric of Purham, he re- turned to England, and was, by his interest, pre* sented to several livings; but he refused to hold any more than one, which was the rectory of Houghton- le-Spring, in the county of Durham. he did every thing in his power to promote the reformation, and continued to prosecute his labours with unwearied diligence during the troubles that took place in the reign of Queen Mary. He was instructed in the knowledge of the classics by a private tutor, and af- terwards entered a student in Queen's college, where he took his degrees, and entered into holy orders.THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES TOPOGRAPHY OF i Steat Mvitain, OR, BRITISH TRAVELLER'S POCKET DIRECTORY; BEING AN ACCURATE ASD COMPREHENSIVR TOPOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE COUNTIES IN ^nglantr, ^rotlaiity, antr 5l Slalr0, ■WITH THE ADJACENT ISLANDS: ILLUSTRATED WITH MAPS OF THE COUNTIESy WHICH FORM A COMPLETE BRITISH ATLAS. Its market is on Wed- nesday, but no principal manufacture is carried on here ; the goods made being chiefly for the manu- facturers in Kendal.

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Rut what contributes most lo enliven the prospect about Mihithorp and its neighbourhood, is the elegant mansion of Daniel Wilson, Esq. AN ITINERARY of all the DIRECT AND PRINCIPAL CROSS ROADS IN WESTMORELAND. The first Column contains the Names of Places passed through; the Figures that follow shew the Distances from Placa to Place, Town to Town, and Stages ; '^ind in the last Column art the names of Gentlemen's ^cats and In s. A little to the northeast of Rydal-water, is Ry- dal-Hall, seated on a gentle eminence, at the junc- tion of two vallies ; among waving woo, Grisdale-pike, and Helvellin. These lakes empty themselves by the river Kothay, wliich, after running about two miles, enters the lake of VVynandermere. accordincj to the late population act, consisted of i? 439 males, and 50gt females; of whom 170 were returned as being em- ployed in various trades, and 113 in agriculture. 1'here are three rope-yards, two paper-mills, one flax-mill, and one colton-mill, all wi-thin a mile of the town. The number of houses^ ' G according 74 WESTMORELAND.

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