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Is it really ) starting over with someone new than someone you have a history with.When we break up, there’s a reason (even if it’s a naff one!It’s almost like they have 6th sense, and decide just then to make contact again, and throw some confusion into your healing process…! They spend hours talking to their family and friends. Quite simply they try to find meaning where often there is none. God forbid you actually have another relationship with someone who is not them. If it’s the last one and you’re considering re-igniting the flame, do proceed with caution.Well, sometimes there is and sometimes there’s not. It is not always easy to tell if an ex’s motives for coming back to us is genuine or just ego-related.Sometimes it’s better to remain in “No Contact” (NC), heal properly and bring in an even better fit for you the next time. Don’t rush to judgment about what it does or doesn’t mean. We’re living in a white man’s world, they set the laws, the tone etc…for nearly everything. Edited and added: [(NOT ALL WHITE MEN)] don’t mean to be rude…js…”Here’s the truth of it: The average Joe living in Alabama in 1950 who loved the cute country girl did NOT have the power as an individual to change laws and social hierarchies that were established before he was even born.What caused them to split up in the first place, was still an issue!To be honest, I’ve been very guilty of this one myself.

Its one thing to want your non-blk man to be awake and aware of the challenges that race implications create in society.

I had one “off and on relationship” that lasted a year and it took a further two to fully extricate myself from.

Then it stopped for a few years only to start up again.

Prove that it’s not just their ego that’s at play here.

That they’ve really done some personal exploration and realised what it is they want and that it’s you.

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