Internet dating dos and donts

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After the second or third e-mail suggest a phone conversation. Once you have decided to talk on the phone, have a nice chat, get to know one another lightly and if you are hitting it off, then hopefully either they will suggest to meet, or be bold and state…”let’s meet for coffee.” Do not make dinner plans or even lunch.

I would not stay hooked into e-mailing back and forth too many times. Meet for a 20 minute coffee date in a visible public place. Another option to internet dating is to have a very close friend, brother or sister look for you.

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I thought, “okay maybe this one is different.” Now here is the unusual part of the story. Jaime and I came up with a list of “do’s and dont’s” for internet dating. They are going to meet you and will only be shocked when they see that you look nothing like your photo. Think about what is important to you and what you want people to know about you at first glance.

Prepared for a serious conversation, Jaime and I grabbed our notepads.

She answered and we began talking business, but we quickly realized that she was not calling for business purposes but personal.

She bellowed “I think you and Jaime should teach classes on internet dating.

I’m starting to get on some dating sites and don’t know what to do! ” We all laughed and started to answer questions based on our experiences. Reading the first 5 articles would be a great idea in order for you to be current on what this article contains. The potential for meeting someone and falling in love through one of the various internet dating sites is huge. After a few months of dating and weeding out men that were not a fit for her, she went out on a date with a man one evening who three years later became her husband.

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