Intimidating things to say to someone

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Having a clear, documented vision keeps you focused and helps you avoid “scope creep” from others’ contributions.For example, @lord discovered that having a project vision helped him figure out which requests to spend time on.Documentation not only clarifies your own thinking, but it helps other people understand what you need or expect, before they even ask.Writing things down makes it easier to say no when something doesn’t fit into your scope.

Maybe the contribution changes your project’s scope or doesn’t match your vision.— @Krause Fx, “Scaling open source communities” Don’t leave an unwanted contribution open because you feel guilty or want to be nice.Over time, your unanswered issues and PRs will make working on your project feel that much more stressful and intimidating.The key to handle support for large-scale open source projects is to keep issues moving. If you’re an i OS developer you know how frustrating it can be to submit radars.You might hear back 2 years later, and are told to try again with the latest version of i OS.

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