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She had a false start at first, that I'm sure many of you can relate to. Here I'll share how I recently started my own Russian project, suffered a false start, but then ultimately had my first conversation with a native Russian speaker – entirely in Russian – after only a few hours of studying phrases.But then one day she got busy and made it her “day 1” to speak from. And I decided I was going to learn Russian the “Speak From Day 1” way, by speaking the language on Skype, from the start, to see what it would be like. I started my project with the intention to speak it right away, so I began creating a “starter script” of the things I thought I'd need to say during my first few conversations.Narrowing it down to the right teachers was a really important step for me.I scheduled my first Skype conversation with a Russian native three days after I received my list of Russian starter phrases.

I read through it and completed all the exercises in 3 sittings, and I have a very short attention span.

It turned out to be extremely important for me to start out with the right teacher.

Because I wanted to use the Speak from Day 1 method, I knew I'd be talking very slowly for a while.

I told her the Russian phrases I wanted to learn in English, and she helped me create Russian versions of them in a cheat sheet!

Once I had my Russian phrases, I had no more excuses.

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