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On this side, the woods come all the way to edge of the parking lot.The car parks at the curb on the edge of the lot, just a few feet from the woods and the beginning of the trail.Joggers, bicyclists, and others out just for a morning walk are beginning to fill the streets and sidewalks.Traffic is light, as the unfortunates who must work are already on the job, and most of the rest of the populace is enjoying a lazy weekend morning.

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This is a smaller parking lot; it serves no tennis courts or playgrounds but simply accesses one of the trails leading into the park.

The driver slams the door shut and with a remote control, locks all the doors.

The girl initially tries to cover herself with arms and hands, but at a word from the driver, she lets her arms fall to her sides and stands next to car, facing forward, fully exposed.

Satisfied that the area is deserted, she moves around to the other side of the car, opens the passenger door, and motions for the other occupant to get out.

At first there is no response, but at the driver’s repeated motions, first one bare leg appears, then another, then finally, and with apparent trepidation, a completely naked girl emerges from the passenger side of the car.

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