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I’ve taken the course of anti-typhoid pills; and learned ‘kannada bara ille’ ("I don’t speak Kannada" - the best I can do for now...). So when I got as far as Frankfurt on my way to India, Bombay was awash and Air India computers were down - but they were still thinking it was a blip.

I'll keep you informed week by week - wish me luck! Many people died in their cars because electronic windows won't work in water. In fact the whole midlands of India phone system was submerged.

So she poured kerosene over herself and set it on fire.

Her 4-year-old son tried to save her and got burned himself. Clothes The fashion look in the area is attributable to the fact that most of the clothes are donated by the "Church of Latter Day Saints" in Utah, USA.

The headteacher there, Mrs Lalita Law, accepted my offer to volunteer for six weeks, and I'm to help to mount a theatre-in-action performance with the kids for their annual School Day celebration.

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So yesterday I went to Milan, also notably hot, and bought €137 worth of watercolour makeup.There is less makeup than the same sum buys in England but it should be enough for face and body painting for a try-out, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performance.(Algebra problem:- if one cake of makeup paints 60 faces and 192 children are going to use it 4 times, I should be okay – but then that breaks down because some colours are obviously going to be more loved than others.Hmm)So now, I’m trying to leave my flat in Turin in order, organise the pet-sitter (cats and aquarium), finish off work here, pack...We still have two dances to choreograph and grade 5 have to reduce their interminable saga to ten minutes.One of the reasons we have security people patrolling here, and solar battery lights for as much of the night as they will last, is that some of the girls have relations who want them for marriage or sexual exploitation - although they themselves want education. I came across the story of a woman offered work but the man in the van which picked her up just gang-raped her and dumped her - and then, as is tradtional, the village cast her out.

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