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Turner and Crocker in favor of some characters that don't get enough attention by giving them more important roles (such as Anti-Cosmo, Ms. The length of an episode is about the same as a regular Fairly Odd Parents episode, and during special episodes, they can be double length.Doombringer, etc.), bringing back plot points that weren't mentioned since the earlier episodes (like Trixie's tomboy nature and Veronica's secret crush on Timmy), throwing out dumb plotlines, toning down the mean spirit and fixing continuity problems. Sometimes, a special would have to be divided into 2 or more parts.

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They are forced to put their anger aside for the good of Hogwarts and manage to make some lasting friendships along the way.

This fan fiction series was created as a response to the negative reception of the newer Fairly Odd Parents episodes.

It's designed to return to the show's original roots by restraining usage of characters like Mr.

NOTE: All crossover episodes will only feature characters from the original Fairly Odd Parents show.

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda & Poof are excited when Ivan arrives to Dimmsdale, complete with his own fairy godparents!

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