Landmark dating

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how many times did she invite me to workshops, i can't the time i had call display and used it a lot; she started blocking her number when she called so i couldn't screen her calls, so i just stopped answering any call from a number i didn't recognize.Does anybody know anything about this organization? I try to find the good in everything but this whole thing creeps me out. Call me the day of your meeting, and I'll let you know if I'm free."She said "Yeah, don't worry about it. Please, for the love of Batman, keep those kids away from Landmark.How as a brother can I help her without being near her physically (my job has me travel)? A long-time friend tried to drag me to a Landmark meeting. If you can come, that's great, but it's not a big pressure thing. I'll call that morning, so you can tell me if you're up for it."Abut a week later, that morning comes along, and she calls and I said I had a couple of things to attend to, so I couldn't come. All angry and yelling that I had "promised" to come. My parents got pulled into that cult when I was younger and fell head over heels for their bullshit "everything is meaningless" take on reality.Children should not be taught that life has an easy fix and one group of people knows just how you ought to live.

I figured it would be something along the lines of a divorce that would drive a parent to this kinda thing. :([–]thewetcoast 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago Pretty much.

Dear Reddit, does anybody know about, "Landmark Education?

"submitted 1 year ago * by throwaway103856Thanks again those who responded, ill follow up but im off to work. My older sister (although a very intelligent person) has had a couple of bumps in the road of life.

Thankfully I was in the peak of my snarky defiant puberty and the buzzwords and podium style preaching struck me as very Church/AA-esque and I immediately tuned it out.

Fucking grown ups always trying to tell me how to live my life from their goddamn podiums. However my younger brothers were more mailable and for at least two years I lived in a Landmark Education house where every upset was a meaningless racket.

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