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Now, the internet is erupting with the newest viral video comedy titled the "running man challenge." The internet trend has put a new spin on the running man dance set to the 1996 hip-hop hit "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ.Two high schoolers, Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, were bored in physics class one day when they first came up with the dance and then posted it online. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard regarding pubic hair? Your guide to every type of vaginal discharge (and what it means) Follow Gurl, pretty please!First we had Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, and planking.The sisters, originally of Old Town , who founded the firm Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga, say the practice is already popular in big cities, such as London, and is more beneficial than exercising at room temperature as muscles stretch more easily. It’s kind of like a series of postures and breathing exercises that doesn’t change too much from time to time, so you can see the improvements in the body quite easily.“The heat allows the body to stretch and compress more deeply.“It eases the muscles and joints, prevents injuries, and it’s really good for aiding healing of existing injuries as well.” The sisters, former Commonweal pupils, used to dance at the Tanwood School of Performing Arts.

Spokesman Mike Rosen said when the group put out the #plogging message to its 600 affiliates, it got a surprising response.“They turn my stomach the most.” Plogging not only helps the environment, it’s quite good for your health. According to the Swedish-based fitness app Lifesum, which earlier this month made it possible for users to track plogging activity, a half-hour of jogging plus picking up trash will burn 288 calories for the average person, compared with the 235 burned by jogging alone. “It makes me feel good for so many reasons,” Wright said. It spread through word-of-mouth, and the hashtag #plogging started popping up on social media. “I suddenly felt guilty for not doing it for all these years I’ve been running.Tesch, a nurse, said she regularly organizes plogging events in which she and friends will pluck litter for a few hours, then spend time hanging outside together around a fire. When I find litter out in the woods or in the archipelago it makes me sad and a bit angry. All you need is a bag.” She also takes along a pair of gardening gloves she stuffs into her pocket.“I don’t think plogging replaces jogging as a daily activity,” Rosen said.“If you turn your jog into a plog once a week or once a month, or turn your walk into a palk or your hike into pike, you’ll get personal satisfaction.

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