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Dispatch caught on that IU was making pit-stops at indie singer Jung Kiha’s house upon landing in Seoul, and thus another couple was born.

What was more shocking though was the 11-year age gap.

The fact that they were spotted exercising also didn't help matters.

A lot has happened with Sulli leaving the group, but the two seem to have each others' back still. IU – Jung Kiha Ahh the carpark, the root of all evil in Asian pop scandals.

From Seoul to London, the pair were snapped everywhere! Kiko Mizuhara & G-Dragon It all started with an amusement park snap in 2011 and since then, there have been many G-Dragon-Kiko sightings around the world.

Around August last year, the pair uploaded cryptic clues on Instagram alluding to their singleness.

Police also claimed Ms Lancaster used the Plenty of Fish app, which allows users to communicate with each other for free, to convince the men to send her money for a number of reasons — including to cover medical expenses.She is close friends with fellow Instagram star Bryana Holly.A former Canberra childcare worker has admitted to a "catfish" scam in which she used a fake Instagram account and dating app to trick 10 men into sending her more than 0,000.Attending with her son Sunny, 3, the 31-year-old was simply glowing at the Sydney picnic.The former reality star who's currently 19-weeks pregnant also added a tan coloured Gucci bag over her shoulder, which retails for 20.

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