Lets talk about sex chat

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She has received, and continues to receive, much therapy and is now functioning as a healthy normal teenager.

But I am hesitating to discuss sex with her, the way I did with my own child, because of her past.

There's also a neat book by Gitchel and Gitchel called "Let's Talk About Sex." It's meant to be read by 9-12 year olds and their parents.

_______________________ Washington: There is a story in today's Health section as well as a posting on the blog, The Checkup, about modeling behavior for kids -- and whether it works.

If you think about it, if there was another subject we wanted our children to know or learn about we'd just go ahead and bring it up ourselves.The same exact principle applies to the topic of sexuality.A good way to start is simply to say what you've written--"You know I'm surprised you haven't asked anything about where babies come from!Having received my "sex talk" from my mother, I know that my niece should get more information and another point of view, and that it's my responsibility.However, my niece was sexually abused as a small child, and she abused another child in turn.

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