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Gawaith's Commonwealth is supposed to be 50%-50% Virginia-latakia and is not caked. I've had no luck trying to blend existing blends to emulate the original Balkan. As one spun the lid, cutting out the inner lid, one caught the full old-leather, old-whisky, old-wood aroma that promised the same consistent taste as always. The smoke, always changing yet always characteristic and steady, could never be ignored, no matter what you were doing: each draw was a conscious pleasure, the whole, like true art, more than the sum of its parts. Balkan could smoke wet if you didn't dry it out just right, and hot and bitey if too dry.Yes, the contents were a bit moist and could do with a couple of days' drying, and were springy thanks to the ribbon cut. The ribbon cut was tricky to load, and if clumped up could cause voids. While the ash was white, the pipe's heel usually got wet, which certainly demanded a pipe's traditional day's rest for every time smoked.The Orientals and Turkish gave a tasty wood, spice flavor that created a perfect balance with the smoky, woody sweet Cyprian latakia.The Virginia had a grass and hay taste with just a hint of sweet creaminess and dark fruit to provide a camp fire aroma.

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I will prove the New Balkan Sobranie and I really wish they would have achieved a blend as good as the original, because I think just like that, honestly, never will be.

Pipe Used: Savinelli King Cross Age When Smoked: 27 I smoked a lot of this from the 1980s until the mid 2000s, and it was my main "go-to" English blend.

There was light unflavored soda note or two along with some dry wood from the yenidje.

The 1990s and later versions have drier in taste than it was in the 1980s, due to the decrease in the red Virginia. Burned at a moderate pace, cool, clean and fairly smooth with a very consistent flavor.

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