Masturbation text chat

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Stranger: XDStranger: Lololol You: i know wat id be doing with you You: lol Stranger: What? OTL XDYou: with a deep sultry kiss You: then id ask u if u want my cock while im pressing it into ur pussy Stranger: O_OStranger: Lol :))You: feeling ur moistness Stranger: Wait! ;)You: oh that sweet imagine it sliding in u rite now You: how does it feel baby Stranger: Good. XDYou: yes You: hard You: thats why i said go faster baby Stranger: O_________O Lol :)You: baby Stranger: Oh. OTL OTLYou: u can ride me we can stand up and fuck Stranger: I'm too short T^TYou: u can wrap ur legs around me standing up Stranger: Thanks for making me realize that. Stranger: It's a good thing that you're inside your room now XDYou: well You: its all good You: lol Stranger: XDDYou: be nice if u were in my room Stranger: Yeah. Lol XDYou: then i would make my way back up Stranger: That's hot OTL OTL XDYou: kiss my way to ur belly button You: then to ur breast You: and then ur neck You: then ur mouth Stranger: I'm... My mom's calling me XDYou: ok You: do u want me to go You: or wait Stranger: How about you? Lol You: yes You: ill wait You: are u enjoy ing or little sex tlk You: lol Stranger: Yes. I took it off XDDYou: oh wow Stranger: XDDYou: so are u spreading ur legs baby for me You: wide Stranger: Yes XDStranger: lololol You: wow You: im so hard baby Stranger: ;)You: tell me baby are u inserting any fingers in ur wet pussy You: rite now \You: tell me wat ur doing Stranger: XDStranger: Guessss ;) XDYou: umm fingers baby are u looking at my cock rite now Stranger: No, but I can remember your cock, babe. You: sweet You: i love asian woman You: there so hot Stranger: Whyyyy? OTL OTLStranger: Anime XDYou: im five ten Stranger: Five ten O______________OYou: 180 ponds You: and with a big cock Stranger: I'm short T^TStranger: HAHAStranger: Me: five flat OTL or five one. Stranger: OTL HAHAYou: was that ur first orgasm You: lol Stranger: Yesss. HAHAHA OTLYou: yes You: yes You: and yes You: im guilty You: lol You: ur honor Stranger: What? XDYou: yes i came You: she rode me Stranger: O___________________OStranger: Mental images OTL OTL OTLYou: i remember how she took my cock and slide down on my shaft You: untill i all the way in her Stranger: Stop it.

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Masturbation text chat-61

OTL OTL OTL XDYou: um You: like lots You: with You: me ex Stranger: LOTS HAHAHA. Stranger: HAHAStranger: Sorry XDYou: cocks Stranger: I don't know XDStranger: Are you small? Stranger: OTL OTL OTLYou: umm Stranger: XDYou: nice size You: i ben told Stranger: HAHAHA.

That's why I'm here in Omegle You: yeah me too Stranger: Oh. Stranger: Me too XDStranger: OTL OTL XDYou: yeah You: lol You: so truth You: are u shaved Stranger: Yes. You: lol Stranger: Lol You: yes i do You: ask me why lol Stranger: WHY OMGOMG XDYou: so i dont get a hair ball You: when i go down on them You: lol Stranger: What do you mean?

O__O XDYou: ok truth You: yeah You: lol Stranger: that's so cute : DDYou: so are u nice or naughty Stranger: I can be nice and naughty at the same time. Lolwhut XDYou: lol You: sweet Stranger: But that's the truth XDDStranger: OTL OTL XDYou: ok ur turn Stranger: Hmmm. OTL XDYou: dont be shy You: ask Stranger: I'm not shy. O.o You: um no i would like too someday You: lol Stranger: HAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAYou: you get it You: lol Stranger: I do now.

OTLYou: is ur panty u have on getting wet as we speak bab You: babe Stranger: Yes OTLOTLYou: oh how i would love to smell ur little and taste u You: rite now Stranger: XDD but you can't :p Stranger: You're so far from me :/Stranger: XDYou: are u turned on You: like me \Stranger: Yeah. It's your fault XDYou: lol You: would u like it if i was there in ur room Stranger: Of course. ;)Stranger: HAHAStranger: OTL OTL OTLYou: with my cock hard ready You: for u You: wat would u like me to do with you if i was Stranger: That would be... OLTStranger: *OTLYou: wow Stranger: And it's your fault. I'm wet OTLOTL XDYou: lol Stranger: OTL this is embarrassing.

XDStranger: lol You: well we can spoon each other Stranger: Spoon? O_OStranger: You: if u want half my cock or all the way deep inside u Stranger: I think half first... OTLYou: touch it tell me Stranger: I can feel even if I haven't touch it yet. ;)You: oh just alid here and slike my hand down my boxers and stroking my cock thinking about you Stranger: O_____________OYou: how ud feel around my cock Stranger: That's... Stranger: Maybe next time, babe :p You: ok You: i would like to umm Stranger: What? I'm not good at describing things XD just imagine it XDStranger: Me wearing gray panties XD HAHAStranger: OTLStranger: XDYou: how moist are u rite now between ur legs\Stranger: Like so moist. XDYou: would u let me baby Stranger: I will Stranger: HAHAHAStranger: OTLYou: damn im so hard and horny for u rite now You: i want to cum Stranger: ;)Stranger: O__OStranger: Lol. You know :p Stranger: XDYou: would u suck my cock baby You: are u more wetter and moist You: rite now Stranger: Yes and yes. You: i want to show u my cock You: rite now You: so u can see how hard u make me You: baby You: make urself cum for me Stranger: XDDStranger: OTLStranger: It would be so hard to type with one hand though XDYou: thats ok just tell me ur now rubbing ur pussy for me Stranger: Not yet. Once she goes out of my room ;)You: ok You: are u turned on even more baby Stranger: I did? XDYou: oh is she gone Stranger: Not yet :/Stranger: I want to throw her out of my room. OTLYou: telll me baby are u leaking yet You: i mean ur moist little pussy on to ur panty Stranger: I told you already.

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