My ex wife is dating a married man

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Ok, I know I can't forget him, I love him too much.

Probably I am even a little bit obsessed about him secretly.

He gave her a commitment that he will work on his relationship till August, which he tried by not seeing me and even hardly talking to me. He figured it was very difficult to see me and concentrate what he is doing.

Then when he’s ready, and has left her, he said he would contact me.

So we decided to not have any contact with each other (really his idea).

I realized that this was the best thing for us to do and we’ll see what's going to happen. I got **** off and went on a dating site and clicked on the first good looking guy on the first page. Meantime bf calls me on Saturday letting me know some unimportant event.

He told her that he is not happy and things have to change by August. They went to see a marriage councilor, who was pretty helpful for them, but of course my man still wants out. I just want her to understand that people change over years, and that their marriage is over.I sent him pictures, he emailed me back right away, called each other and we set up a date for next day Sunday. I called him on it and told him that "you are calling me because you want to hear my voice".Meantime I'm getting butterflies getting to know my new date and I temporarily (or maybe forever) forget about my bf.She told him to stop seeing the other counselor and find another one who knows about me too.He is having a very hard time to break it to his wife that he just wants out.

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