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I had been naked in front of the head girl and she’d seen me caned and then seen Matron spank my cock because I had an erection. You are captured within a strange device made of steel pipes bolted to the floor.

A week or so later I went into the library and as I turned a corner I bumped into... It is a series of clamps that hold you completely immobile.

I was enthralled by the fact that Jennie had offered to take Sunita into her household. I looked at the clock that was ticking away over the mantelpiece and realized with a... And the more you keep fighting me, the longer I shall go on spanking you.” Smack! Oh, Miss...” Eventually the struggling subsided and the punishment was finished with six hard slaps across the centre of the sixteen-year-old's seat. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 4.75 | Words: 2,782 | Tags: ff schoolgirl masturbation | 1 Comment Elizabeth works out how to get her step-daughter to help around the house It had suddenly all made sense to Elizabeth, the thirty-nine-year-old step-mum to eighteen-year-old Emma.

Jeff and I had had a short session with a short, whippy cane, which had been fun. As I drifted off to sleep, remembering those happy, carefree days, I resolved to pay mum a visit; I hadn't seen...

He laid the flowers he had brought and tidied up the space around the stone.

When he was done, he sat on the bench in front and thought of all the years gone by without her.

Not far short of a yard of braided leather its tapered end carried a head an inch square.

One of a number made to her specifications, the instrument was intended not for horses, but for its role in Riding School discipline.

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