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Though the legislation has faced criticism for being sex-negative, the policy has also been praised for helping limit the exploiting of women being brought here to be a part of the sex trade, as well as protecting those who make a living as exotic dancers.Picture from The Blue Lagoon | Transfer and Comfort Admission To conclude, Iceland is a paradise for naturists and a wonderful place for the body-conscious to get more comfortable with the bits that God gave them.This has been practised throughout Icelandic history by those unaffected by Christian influence.

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In 2015, nudity found its way into the ongoing fight for justice when the American #Free The Nipple campaign found its way to Iceland.

You would think that this would have deterred people from nudity, but that is not the case.

Iceland’s Christian traditions are strong, but many pagan beliefs from the Old Norse religion bled into the new faith and affected many of the customs.

The Slut Walk often features toplessness, as does the Reykjavík Pride parade.

Photo Credit: The Icelandic Phallological Museum No article on nudity in Iceland would be complete without a reference to the world’s only Phallological Museum, located on Laugavegur by the Hlemmur Square Bus Station.

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