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The public parks, particularly in Kharkiv and Kiev are beautiful public facilities that deserve more attention as tourist attractions.There are also lots of historic sites from a wide variety of periods spread around Ukraine, but generally they memorialize events that are often not well known the rest of the world.Nearly all of the hotel clerks and waiters speak English, but many businesses that are not primarily tourist businesses, like pharmacies and cell phone shops, advertise that they have English speaking staff too. The one place in Odessa you have to go is Primorsky Boulevard which sits above the port and gives an amazing view of the ships at the docks.That is the British destroyer in port with the Odessa Lighthouse in the background and you can bet a lot of British tars had a fine time in town that night.

Odessa is a subversive place populated with people with a sunny outlook, funny, stylish and a healthy disrespect for authority.

Having spent a good deal of time there I am not sure that is really fair.

Despite the damage from two world wars, a couple of revolutions, and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster most large Ukrainian cities have more interesting architecture than the entire state of Alabama.

The food is generally outstanding across Ukraine, but in Odessa it is probably as good as anywhere in the world at prices that are amazingly cheap for Westerners.

You can eat an Italian meal at Tavernetta that would cost you in New York for about . The Steakhouse takes the idea of a New York style steakhouse to the max.

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