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"Now the question is, how do we end Mugabe," said the opposition leader, who shared power with Mr Mugabe as prime minister for a number of years.It is not clear how long impeachment would take, though the ruling party has said it could vote Mr Mugabe out as early as Wednesday.Ladies: Would you be mad if a dude you fuck with tell you, ? we goin be fuck friends until I decide I want to dedicate myself to someone whole heartedly? According to the Reuters news agency, only five ministers and the Attorney General answered Mr Mugabe's call, with the 17 other members of Cabinet instead attending a meeting to plan the 93-year-old leader's impeachment.

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A committee of the regional bloc has recommended a full summit of all 16 members to discuss Zimbabwe.

And also on Tuesday, Botswana's government posted online what it calls an open letter from President Ian Khama urging Mr Mugabe to step down.

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