Phone cam basement

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This is a lot of fun when I want to spook my dog in the middle of a workday.It’s also nice if you decide to use Amazon’s Key in-home delivery service and want to pass along some instructions to the courier who is dropping off your packages.The Cloud Cam streams video in 1080p with a wide angle lens.

Like the Logi, the Cloud Cam has both a microphone and a speaker.The extra is for a special power cable that allows the camera to talk with a smart lock.If you start with a Cloud Cam and decide later you want to get Key service, you can also buy that power cable separately. Cardboard boxes emblazoned with its brand arrive in a steady stream at my doorstep.I watch shows from its studio on my television through a Fire TV stick, and Alexa is a constant companion, updating me on the weather, broadcasting the news, and pumping out the jams.

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