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Actually, if you did a ranking of the games with the most dialogue, at the very top you’d have games like Grand Theft Auto, and we’d rank around fifth or sixth.

But then the second part to Flirt Planet’s dating ecosystem is Flirt Planet Meet.

Really, it’s a way for players to learn some skills before taking these skills back out into the real world.

We’re not really focused on it being a full-on learning experience – it’s still a game, first and foremost – but we have a nice narrative, a nice storyline, and over 90,000 lines of dialogue so you’ll never see the same conversation twice.

IMA: Is the app regionalized at all, that way I don’t waste all my time talking to someone from Idaho while I’m in San Francisco? You can filter your search to just look for people in San Francisco or just look for people in Idaho, that’s completely up to you.

You can also search worldwide, that way, if I know that in a couple of months, I’m moving from London to San Francisco, I can start searching San Francisco.

SC: You get a daily Flirt Juice allowance, and that’s currently set at 100, so you can make a few connections per day depending on the quality of the users you’re trying to connect to.

Everyday, that energy is refreshed, but if you want to make more connections in a given day, you can just buy more Flirt Juice and send a request right away.

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When we got together as a team, we started seeing all of the problems online dating apps have, so with Flirt Planet Meet, we’ve designed the experience to be as user-friendly as possible.

From there, you can take the relationship offline and meet in person.

IMA: Can I just buy more Flirt Juice if I see someone else I want to connect with, or do I have to wait another day for the meter to fill back up?

There is a lack from the other companies, where they do not teach you flirting skills, and this is something that we’re here to fill.

We offer available and affordable training on the go and anywhere and at anytime. We rate a person’s profile portfolio, either a one star, a two star, or a three star. The other two more important elements are user based.

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