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We kept walking and talking after the interview was long over and I told her everything then was strictly "off the record." we talked about everything from life in Hollywood to dating to first sexual experiences.We found a nearly deserted part of the Park and sat down.Well, the Brits foiled a plot that had the potential to equal the deaths of 9/11, only spreading the pain over 10 airlines, most flying between the U. Seems that a program such as that was instrumental in uncovering the plot before it could be carried out, and second, it seems that most of the members involved in the scheme were "home grown" in Britain. Check out the MSM and you would never know the religious affiliation of the plotters (can't have that nasty profiling, don't you know). Remember all that hullabaloo about how it was so evil that the national agencys charged with the protection of our security were monitering international phone calls?

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It's all a question of safeguards and matter of degree.

And the argument over those are something that should never be totally settled, but always reexamined and adjusted to conditions, with the default position being that it's better to be free than totally secure.

I looked down at her feet, she had the cutest little toes.

"So Kirsten, you’ve worked with some of the best actors around.

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