Ralo wonder dating porsha

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According to Freddy O There are some pretty interesting rumors about Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart floating around…

According to Freddy O allegedly Porsha had been having an affair with local Atlanta business man Ralo Wonder during her marriage to Kordell Stewart and their secret is about to be exposed.

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Be disease free and practice good hygiene, need some friendly female attention I am and do.So I told Steve don’t worry about it and that the marriage is not going to last!! Then somebody real close to her told us Porsha couldn’t really sing. Afterwards, every time I would bring up going to the Studio she would change the subject and she started spiraling out of Control.So just get her signed and as soon as they announce on TV they’re getting a divorce, be ready to put a record out and capitalize off all the media and it would be a hit over night!! Steve called me one day and said Ralo you were right they just announce that there getting a divorce!! I was like nah we have a demo on her she sounds good. She would say “the Media is everywhere I can’t take it, I want to got here, I want to go there, I want to go here” She started acting like she was Beyonce getting divorced from Jay Z. The next day she said thanks for everything and beating me back into shape.Edit: I was working on this post yesterday when my Internet crapped out.I really don’t have time to flesh it out right now. Last month rumors were swirling that Porsha had cheated with Ralo Wonder.

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