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They exist in just about any environment: hot, cold, dry, wet, high pressure, low pressure, small groups, large colonies, isolated, much food, little food, much oxygen, no oxygen, in toxic chemicals, etc.

Fruit flies are much more complex than already complex single-cell bacteria.

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For cases in which the unrealistic thing is reality, see Aluminum Christmas Trees below.MTV are launching a wacky new Love Island style reality show – which sees MERMAIDS trying to find a soulmate.Sexy singletons who believe they are the mythical creatures will date a string of fish-loving men in a new series called Mermaids.They say it took tens of thousands of generations to form man from a common ancestor with the ape, from populations of only hundreds or thousands. A new generation of bacteria grows in as short as 12 minutes or up to 24 hours or more, depending on the type of bacteria and the environment, but typically 20 minutes to a few hours.There are more bacteria in the world than there are grains of sand on all of the beaches of the world (and many grains of sand are covered with bacteria).

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