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The Institute has coordinated joint efforts among the departments of the University, other Colorado Institutes of Higher Education, and numerous school districts within state and region.

FSI is a six-week summer residential program for Colorado's high school sophomores and juniors to boost the STEM aspirations and achievement levels.

When I travel overseas, my itinerary usually includes time “shopping” in food markets or farmers markets.

Recently, I was mesmerized by the range of frozen products carried by this retail chain called Ma Glaciere Picard in Paris.

I have been in marketing of food products for a long time, launching and shaping many items – from luxury brand chocolates, cooking oil to canned beverages and convenient heat-and-serve items.

Naturally curious about packaged goods and food/beverage products as well as what’s local and seasonal, I spend a lot of time hunting for cool, new things.

Like Pureness Health Natural Vinegar from Taiwan, is a very elegant and sophisticated beverage.

The concept of drinking vinegar may be foreign to people here in the United States, but the health properties of vinegar, especially in aiding digestion and boosting metabolism, are well established.

The Rural Educator Recruitment and Retention grant will fund the establishment and operation of the Center for Rural Education, which will be led by faculty from UNC's School of Special Education, School of Biological Sciences, and the MAST Institute. Harvey Rude (Special Education) serves as PI and Director of this center, and Dr. For more information, contact Lori Reinsvold The conference allows higher education flipped classroom practitioners to exchange practices and outcomes, highlight faculty engaged in assessment of flipped classrooms, and discuss the future of flipped learning in higher education. Contact: Dr Nissa Yestness at (970) 351-3358 for more information Founded in 1959, FSI is a six-week summer residential program designed to boost the STEM aspiration and achievement levels of Colorado's current high school sophomores and juniors.

The MAST Institute is situated in the College of Natural and Health (NHS), and collaborates with faculty from NHS's School of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy, School of Mathematical Sciences, and the Science Education Program.

Faculty from the collaborating academic programs and the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences participate in Institute projects, working in partnership with K-12 educators, faculty from other higher education institutions, government agencies, and business/community representatives.

Traveling is a fantastic way, but it is not always possible.

So unlike stepping into a huge store, this mini expo is like walking into a boutique or a gallery.

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