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Her father was a contractor and mother was a teacher.Talking about her early life, she went to New York University where she graduated in flying colors.In 2003 she was awarded NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress.Accounting her personal life smoking hot actress has not married yet. COLLEGE CAMPUS, ONE YEAR LATER ANNA FARIS shows up, followed by a SHITLOAD OF WAYANSES. ANNA FARIS Hey, will you teach me to speak like a rapper? Also, it will take a long time to lead up to one stupid joke. These will be great, since this movie is made for people who watch tons of television. DIRECTOR KEENAN IVORY WAYANS Well, I think that should be pretty obvious by now. Also, please have sex and oral sex as frequently as possible. DIRECTOR KEENAN IVORY WAYANS Hey, it worked in the first one. OLD SCARY HOUSE A freakishly DATED parody of THE EXORCIST plays itself out, with the help of ANDY RICHTER and JAMES WOODS. I'm slightly less detestable in this role than usual. DIRECTOR KEENAN IVORY WAYANS Actually that's not so much a trend as a staple of my incompetent direction style. This character trait will be exploited in every imaginable way. God, I'm actually funny, what am I doing in this dreck? I played an actress playing a character from Scream 1 in its sequel, Scream 2.

MARLON WAYANS, I THINK walks around, making references to POT. That will also continue a trend from the first movie. I believe it was for being loud and obnoxious with your shrill voice, which you seem to have managed to make shriller for the sequel. If they were going to pretend someone from the first movie wasn't killed, why did they pick me with my obnoxious voice instead of super-goddess Shannon Elizabeth? I'm going to take you to the haunted house from the first scene. This will be exploited in the same pathetic fashion as Shawn's homosexuality. Currently, she seems to be single because she is not dating anyone.Before she was single she was in a relationship with an actor. There is a rumor that she is lesbian because of her closeness to actress Sanaa Lathan.After graduation she took step in entertainment industry.She has appeared in numerous movies but she is best known for scary movie and Ally Mc Beal.

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