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Either that, or Scorsese wanted to take his talents to a platform where he think they’ll be better appreciated.

In December, the filmmaker argued that cinema is “gone,” blaming the risk-averse, franchise-obsessed Hollywood studio system for the industry’s creative woes.

Discussing the tech, De Niro told : "We're doing the young stuff first and taking it decade-by-decade so that later the oldest stuff will be closer to our own age.

So they're trying to really make it as good as they can make it, and that's the goal that it can be something special that everyone would want to see and see it done as well as it can at this point.

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Paramount’s last collaboration with Scorsese—the filmmaker’s spiritual passion project was likely far too big of a gamble for Paramount to make.

Mc Kinnon revealed some of her new sponsors, which included Carl’s Sr. ”)We’re filing Jack White’s performances this week squarely under “What Was That? His first song was “Over and Over and Over,” from his new album “Boarding House Reach.” It was a bit strange and disjointed — but this is Jack White, after all.

and Malaysian Airlines: “Caught in a scandal and need an escape? L.” writers produced one of the best sketches of the season.

It turns out that the comedian John Mulaney wasn’t the only “Saturday Night Live” alum returning this week.

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro made surprise cameos in Saturday’s uproarious opening sketch, during which Stiller played the embattled personal lawyer to President Trump, Michael D.

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