Ryeo won dating

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He's the male version of Sulli ㅋ he'll probably leave the group soon too ^^ 14. [ 96, -12] 13 year age difference, talk about Hollywood scale 16. - Article: Nam Taehyun x Jung Ryeo Won, speedy denial of dating rumors "Just acquaintances, this is ridiculous" Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [ 203, -14] This is ridiculous for me too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [ 45, -10] I knew it couldn't be true, what would she be lacking to date him 3.

[ 99, -8] So he lied about being sick so he can go around dating for a year? [ 64, -5] Hul, this is crazy, no wonder YG said what they did... [ 57, -5] Looks like YG is keeping Nam Taehyun out of promos because of this... [ 106, -2] I guess Park Hyo Shin fans will be happy because rumors were going around about him and Ryeo Won getting married ㅋㅋ 2. [ 85, -26] No wonder he lied about being sick ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ both of them are out of their minds 4. what would Jung Ryeo Won lack to be dating some crappy acting loser like him? [ 15, -5] So his "psychological issues" were this?!?!?! [ 13, -4] But is there really smoke without fire~ 5.

I CANTT I NEED A SEQUELLLL Those who have watched Moon Lovers are moony over Wang So. But overall its good :) not recommended for adult or boys. after finished watching Iljimae and Arang & the magistrate just now and I feel salute for Lee Jung Ki acting, I decide to continue watching this. But she always misunderstood him and trust was an issue for her. So actually like stories with a historical background, but only in books, not movies or dramas. And then, the rollercoaster ride into the Tunnel of Feels starts.

this is tipically drama for girls, a teenage girls for sure. He never hid his feelings like Wang Wook did, Wang so was true to himself. In my opinion, Wang Jung was the only child she loved. They really need to makeup for this drama and bring season 2 . Suddenly, I can't find a single minute of hapiness to rely on in the midst of all that bloodshed.

Then again, this drama didn't do well in Korea, did it? We wanted to console our broken and bruised and barely beating hearts and burning eyes. It makes you love it and unable to stop watching even though it breaks your heart. It has amazing characters and wonderfully talented actors.

especially since Korean fans have already been leaving because they're barely being promoted. [ 103, -6] How can journalists release rumors without fact checking first? [ 27, -2] Really sick of the media releasing news without checking anything 5. journalists didn't even bother researching it beforehand - Source: Nate 1. Very Taoist also in the attitude of wu-wei, non-interference. No other actor can play Wang So as well as he has done. watched this when this was still airing and until now i can’t find any kdrama that is more fantastic and amazing like this. Some may say if she hadnt intervened so much, many bad things would not have happened. In the original chinese novel, the author mentioned that Hae Soo's character was the reason why history turned out that way. Not a fond to watch a traditional kind of movie but this movie give the best feeling ever.Let it be.) There are contemporary ideas or answers implicit in the events and development of characters. this kdrama is my favorite and it really left a big mark on my heart. LJG should be the son of a chaebol chairman in a new series. I really enjoyed especially for scene that Hae Soo married with Wang Jung Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo is unforgetable because of Wang So who is played by Lee Joon Gi. Her trying to change history was the reason why History was made this way. Haesoo travels back to current time and wakes up, thinking that everything was just a dream. Never before have viewers been so touched by a drama character like Wang So nor experienced such vast ranging emotions when watching a Korean actor in a Korean drama. Can’t imagine that watching mlshr can be such an enlightening experience and watching it over and over again is never dull. Those who have watched Scarlet Heart Ryeo will always remember Wang So while other drama characters are long forgotten. This is the drama that made me felt in love in the first episode and I will never ever forget this drama. cannot move on from this movie :3 really need season 2 since i am still not satisfied w/ the ending ;) @Insanity confirmed, i also asked those question everytime i see this drama. I wonder if they can even hold a conversation together, he's such a kid compared to her. [ 200, -12] So it's quite obvious now that he had trouble with his agency because of his dating issues.

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