Secrets of dating younger women

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Tessina, Ph D, a licensed family therapist in practice in Long Beach, Calif., and author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again, tells Web MD.

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The fact is, women are hard-wired to want to be with older men because they symbolize wisdom, maturity, knowledge, stability, and other qualities that ALL women are programmed to seek out in a partner.However, most men have no idea how to convey these qualities to women and so their age becomes a deterrent instead of an asset. The Mastermind Club is a special online resource area which is basically a vault filled with private videos, audio recordings, books, and much more, from the world's top pickup artists, seduction experts and dating and success coaches.In this course, you'll learn from the pros how to turn your age and experience into your ultimate seduction tool. Every month, you'll receive access to new modules of information. As soon as you complete your checkout on the next page, you will be taken inside our private members area so that you can start learning the course immediately. If you have any questions about ordering or even questions about the program please send them to support [at] Stay very calm and don’t try to (mend) all her problems.Quotes from the web: -They are sexier, less argumentative and jaded, and more open. I date younger Russian women, and women my age say what do men talk about. We laugh more, and we don't have to talk about stuff as much bc there are far fewer problems.

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