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Then I will feel safe and be loved and accepted by others. I can be safe from others judgment by judging myself first, or If I judge myself, I can motivate myself to do things right and succeed.If you are not 100% certain that what you are telling yourself is true, you can ask your higher, wise self or a spiritual source of wisdom, What is the truth? Self-deprecation is like a cancer that starts with one thought and soon infects every thought thereafter.

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Don’t waste your energy on fighting; focus on adapting with grace and ease.

What is the pain that self-judgment is intended to protect against?

An addiction is a habitual behavior that is intended to protect against pain.

Life is a journey filled with twists, turns, delays and roadblocks, but that’s what makes it life.

We are a collective of every experience we encounter and we are doomed to repeat our experiences if we don’t take the lessons we need the first time around.

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