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E's" 540; Bewitched 834; 60s TV sitcom Big Book 360; AA's book Big Buddy 66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E. of AZ, "interviewing" Hal Bing [Crosby] 545; slang for cocaine; "the 'Express Elevator to AA'"; 712; fn.27/994 Bioavailable Five 582; rock band Birch, Herbert G. D." Byzantine Erotica Hal's interest in, 29; "a triptych of high-quality" 35; 950 c:\Pink2 284; 511; C, Bobby 128; "Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth"; junkie in Boston who hangs with Poor Tony and "yrstruly"; takes off patty's ear, 129; 300; henchman for Sorkin, 917; (C.)] And..I was informed by a reader named Olympia Mc Gurk, " not benzoyl peroxide; its chemical name is propionyl peroxide (or more correctly but less commonly dipropionyl peroxide).

Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; 534; "St. player in 18-and-Unders has four to six 14-and-Unders kids he's supposed to keep his more experienced wing over" 98 Big Red Soda Water 222; Joelle's favorite soft drink from childhood Bill 3; Dean of Athletics at Univ. (George) 63; American president, 1988-92; 230; 473; Byrne, F. ("Follow That Ambulance") 512; "rapacious personal-injury J.

Dunkel, Rik 381; ETA prorector; 457; Du Plessis, Guillaume 30; "the most infamous anti-O. ) Enfield, MA about, 240- Enfield Marine VA Hospital Complex aka Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex (E. Correctional Institution, in Billerica.) Mc Kenna, Kieran 341; ETA student Mc Lachlin, Kyle 944; Kyle Mac Lachlan, American actor who worked with director David Lynch on Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Dune. planned out Found Drama ("the ultimate Neorealism") "to get revenge" on critics of his films Mc Nair, Stokely ("Dark Star") 129; junkie in Boston; 300; "the late" 690; M. MA; Metheun Fan-Complex, 571; 670; Metropolis 193; 1927 film by Fritz Lang; "chilling framed print of Lang directing" 951 Micheaux 232; filmmaker? Student Union 184; "one enormous cerebral cortex" MK-Ultra 472; CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in B. Treat's counselor at Ennet House N., Tamara 445; at AA meeting NAAUP 9; collegiate athletic association Naked I Club 370; where "skinny hard-faced Advanced Basics girl" at Boston AA meeting was a stripper at 16-years-old National Clays 287; tennis tournament in Indianapolis IN National Cranio-Facial Pain Foundation 267; where Schacht interns in Enfield, MA; where Sorkin gets treated, 913; ad featuring painting of headachey Sorkin, 977; Near Eastern Medical Attaché 78; 87; Neaves, Didi 208; "new black girl" at Ennet House resident w/skull tatooed on her upper abdomen; 543; works at ETA, 634; Neeld, Harper 253; Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love Ne Gram 235; something on Notkin's bathroom's sink Neil 404; "in Spin" dept of Gentle's administration Nell See G., Nell neo-Thomist Realism 745; "Personalistes, an aesthetic schoolf of great influence over French Catholic intellectuals circa 1930-1940" 745; New Choice 503; "grim" juvenile rehab in Dorchester MA Newton 182; "Newton's II" possibly a reference to Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion (though the "For Every Action There's An Equal But Opposite Reaction" vibe would more accurately be conveyed by Newton's 3rd.) Nichols 78; aka Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Nickerson 291; Orin's doubles partner; 296; Nickerson Farms Meat Facsmile [sic] 291; Orin's strabismic B. doubles partner is an heir to its "fortune" Nietzschean 605; Nightmare on Elm Street XXII: The Senescence 825; Mc Dade bitching about having to watch Nixon, Richard 147; "N[ixon]-K[ennedy] debates of B. 1960" No Coat Lingua Scrapers 151; 235 North American Junior Tennis 431; biweekly & trilingual magazine Notkin, Molly Cantrell("near-Professor") 219; Ph. In Film and Film-Cartridge Theory from MIT; former lover who believed there were "only a finite number of erections possible in the world" 220; father, 234; "thick swart girl" 625; on Himself's "early oeuvre" 740; interrogated by Rod the God Tine, 787; Notre Rai Pays 222; 753; 1013; 1017; 1019; literally "our spoken country." (possibly this is a term used by Quebecois to refer to their country, separate from Canada? Elizabeth's Hospital; broke his wife's nose so that it laid flat against her face and refused to let her have it fixed; O. (No evident relation to Terminix.) Thode, Mary Esther 113; "Girls 16's/18's prorecter" at ETA (338); "regarded by the upperclassmen as probably insane" 307; "The Toothless Predator: Breast-Feeding as Sexual Assault" 307; takes lots of thiamine, 339; her sister Ruth, a senior at ETA during Orin's time, 955 Thorp, Corbett 188; prorector who teaches Trigonometry of Cubes at ETA; prorector in Hal's dorm, fn.82; "Deviant Geometries" 306; terrible stutter, 456; Thrale, Hester 180; female Ennet House resident; Earth tatooed on her stomach, 207; Alfa Romeo gets towed, 823; Thrust, Calvin 195; Ennet House alumnus & volunteer counselor, former NYC porno actor; Bruce Green's counselor, 582; cartridge Gately saw of Thrust having sex with a lady with only one arm" 819; recounting Ennet House fight w/Nucks to Gately, 819-21; air of imminent departure, 823; Tilden on Spin 171; Tennis book written in 1937 Tilden, Bill 289; tennis champ of early 20th century. 92; Chief of Office of Unspecified Services; acknowledged architect of O.

834; late-80s/early 90s TV sitcom, with "Sam and Carla and Nom"; Nom as Gately's "own organic father" 836; Gately's memories of, 883; Cheery, Mo 643; owner of Cheery Oil, Troy NY, and employer of Steeply's father Cheese, Susan T.

473; former director of the CIA Cathy or Kathy 920; beautiful R. who assists Gately in defecating Chang, Michael 389; tennis pro Chaos Theory and tennis, 81-82; "What if heredity, instead of linear, is branching" 220; 341; fn.34/994 Chawaf, R.-L.-O. Soma Cheap-O Records 129; in Boston Checkpoint Pongo 571; Cheers!

This index is based on Tim Ware's Infinite Jest index [pregnant pause] well..fact it IS Ware's index (except for a few ads I've added) and I post it here because the old url at (indeed itself) has gone to a better place.

If Tim gets wind if this and asks me to remove it, I shall do so post haste.

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