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If the armed forces cannot cope with Will Stockdale, neither can the audience resist Andy Griffith." Griffith later reprised his role for the film version (1958) of No Time for Sergeants; the film also featured Don Knotts, as a corporal in charge of manual-dexterity tests, marking the beginning of a lifelong association between Griffith and Knotts. The show, with a score by Harold Rome, ran for 472 performances and more than a year.No Time for Sergeants is considered the direct inspiration for the later television situation comedy Gomer Pyle, U. Griffith was nominated for "Distinguished Musical Actor" at the 1960 Tony Awards, losing to Jackie Gleason.He attended the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1949.

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Multiple sources, “Coach” star Jerry Van Dyke, Hot Spring County resident, has died at the age of 86. Multiple sources, Astronaut John Young, 87, part of two moon missions and the first Space Shuttle pilot, has died. Evan Smith, Rita Clements, former first lady of Texas, has died at the age of 86., Combo of heavy rain and cold ground could mean flooding in New Orleans. The Advocate, Bayou Bridge pipeline winds up in court as environmentalists square off with State of Louisiana. Associated Press, Magnitude 3.5 earthquake south of San Antonio. Arkansas Children’s Hospital, ACH Northwest preparing for opening.

Van Dyke alleges Retzlaff called him a “Nazi” and a “white supremacist,” and that this caused a job offer from the Victoria County district attorney to be withdrawn. May 12, 2018: One of you, out teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, was kind enough to tip us off about prior occasions in which Van Dyke has threatened to sue people who file Bar grievances against him. *** CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE *** ECF 118 - Sentencing Hearing Transcripts - US v Lostutter Deric, in additional to being a pedophile and a drug addict, is also a male prostitute heavily involved in sex work. But not surprising since James Mc Gibney (who we don’t like) is also a pedophile and has a wife, Christina Mc Gibney, who is also a sex worker. You can read more about it here==== https:// Say – you guys wanna know who else makes money by putting the penises of strange men into their mouths?? Thomas Retzlaff at the Boston FBI offices last September 2015. FUN FACT: At one point, for about eight years, Retzlaff was a federal law enforcement officer in the US Army Criminal Investigation Command. His son is an Arizona Certified State Police Reserve Officer and is on Active Duty with the U. Funny how, despite all of the claims from Mc Gibney about how he is gonna have “this person” arrested and “that person” investigated by “the feds”, the ONLY people being investigated, arrested, charged in federal court, and going to prison are…. all of those associated with James Mc Gibney (who we don’t like))! But Mc Gibney needs to remember something very, very important: For a man in his position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!

Retzlaff responds that the public had a right to know the truth about Van Dyke before hiring him to prosecute felony crimes, and alleges Van Dyke is a leader of the “Proud Boys,” a 5,000-member organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group. Both he and his ex-wife Denise were treated to a free trip to Boston, courtesy of the U. According to You know the nice thing about having a rich family? It is being able to take your dog for a ride racing out through the desert anytime you feel like it and not having to worry about such mundane things like whether or not the rent is gonna get paid, or if I have enough cash to pay the cable or the light bill, or if I really have to worry about super secret FBI investigations after all.

Hanszen Laporte lawyers will take over the defense of a 0,000,000 federal defamation suit filed by Denton attorney Jason Van Dyke against Arizona resident Thomas Retzlaff. State law protects citizens from baseless lawsuits brought to chill the exercise of constitutional rights. parole) because he felt that it was terribly unfair that he could not own a computer or have access to the Interwebs or cyber-stalk and harass random people. *** CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE *** ECF 133 - Lostutter RR for bond violations hearing And, in case you forget, this is the transcript from the sentencing hearing in which Judge Reeves slams Lostutter with the maximum sentence possible – two years in federal prison! Retzlaff, if you believe Mc Gibney (and why wouldn’t you, right) is supposedly a CONVICTED FELON/PEDO and member of the Aryan Brotherhood who, in his spare time, likes to golf, shoot guns, go skiing and Scuba diving, and travels internationally while, at the same time, running a vast Grand Civil Conspiracy involving several Houston area attorneys, local judges, and members of the Beaumont Court of Appeals! For years James Mc Gibney and his revenge porn / blackmail company Via View have sought the spotlight.

Van Dyke claims Retzlaff libeled him, invaded his privacy, and “tortiously interfered” with a contract by complaining about Van Dyke to the State Bar of Texas.

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