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Dixon, for example, analyzed the diversity of the projectile points found in the earliest sites of North America and concluded that two different and independent cultural traditions (or cultures) entered the continent in the final Pleistocene.

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After the voyage of the Ruric, Choris went to Paris where he issued a portfolio of his drawings in lithographic reproduction and studied in the ateliers of Gerard and Regnault. He documented the Ohlone people in the missions of San Francisco, California in 1816.They reserve the term Melanesian for the original "Pure Black" Pacificans/Austronesians who have resisted admixture.Quote: "No transoceanic migration is necessary to explain our findings, because Paleoamerican-like humans were also present in East Asia during the final Pleistocene and could perfectly well have entered the New World across the Bering Strait.He visited the Pacific and the west coast of North America in 1816 on board the Ruric, being attached in the capacity of artist to the Romanzoff expedition under the command of Lieutenant Otto von Kotzebue, sent out for the purpose of exploring a northwest passage.Choris is said to have "painted nature as he found it.

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