Sexy dating games

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Not for shy couples, or those who haven't already decided to have sex. More » Intended as an IQ-type board game but with all of the questions focused on sexual trivia, this couples game should be played with three to six *adult* players, and comes with a board, dice, and cards to choose category questions from.

Looks like a promising couples game to choose when you've got friends over who aren't terribly shy.

With each roll of the die, the two adult-only players move along the game board, pulling cards that depict explicit sexual techniques to be tried and shared with one's partner.

An intimate, sexy couples game meant to turn up the heat in your relationship.Read the tips at the bottom of the screen, choose one of the two dialog options for Peter (your choice will affect the game outcome) and enjoy realistic 3d fuck scenes right now!I wouldn't normally recommend playing games with your partner as a good thing, but there are instances when a sexy board game specifically created for couples to enjoy together comes in handy -- such as nights at home when the power is out, or when you want to inject a bit of levity and excitement into your relationship.Each person gets three stacks of cards (one each of Ooh, Mmm, and Ahh) and are asked to roll the dice to see just how long they'll do whatever the card they've pulled asked them to.Also comes with a do not disturb sign, purple scarf, two dice and a timer.

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