Signs you are dating a loser

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Do they seek to find ways to get along better with the people in their lives?

A loser doesn’t want to change, a loser isn’t willing to put in the hard work necessary to change.

Like water running downhill, a loser always takes the quickest, easiest route. This doesn’t mean going to live at the gym and becoming some kind of narcissistic fitness freak.

A person stagnates if they have no desire to be more than they are. Ambition should include many things, like learning something new, broadening the mind, increasing the intelligence. You don’t have to run a marathon or bench press 250 pounds, but you do have to want to be fit and healthy.

A loser never looks in the mirror when it comes time to take the blame. They can’t hold down a job – well, it’s someone else’s fault. At some point, you have to accept the cards that life has dealt you and play them as best you can.

A winner realizes this and, even if it is tough, does the best they can with good humour.

This isn’t because you rationally studied the situation and decided to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

I doubt you can consciously will those hairs to stand up, no matter how hard you try.

A loser doesn’t expect or require much from themselves.

Perhaps they’re lazy and have had it too easy all their life.

But they expect a lot more of you and the others around them.

Finally you will get tired of it and talk to him only.

First, and most important, you need to trust your gut, trust your instincts.

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