Single dating for people with disabilities

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Separate theoretical developmental models have emerged that emphasize the role of the right cerebral hemisphere (Goldberg & Costa, 1981) versus the role of subcortical white matter systems (Rourke, 1987) to explain deficits common to both conditions.Overall, however, these models may be more complementary rather than contradictory in that they both yield accurate predictions regarding deficits under somewhat different circumstances (Rourke, 1995a).Some clinicians have also suggested that Asperger's syndrome and NVLD are similar disorders. Many researchers have questioned the validity of Asperger's syndrome as a distinct diagnostic entity apart from autism (Semrud-Clikeman & Hynd, 1990; Wing, 1991).In essence, the lower functioning children diagnosed with Asperger's may be more properly diagnosed as autistic.Nonverbal learning disabilities represent a discrete and separate diagnostic entity.However, some of the symptoms identified are similar to those described for other disorders.This may be particularly appropriate for cases of neurologically acquired NVLD rather than the more common developmental cases of the disorder.

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Deficits in math calculations, mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, specific aspects of written language, and handwriting are primary academic concerns.Despite this fact, the syndrome is unfamiliar to many psychologists, diagnosticians, and educators.There is no formal provision under federal special education law recognizing the existence of nonverbal learning disability as a handicapping condition.In general, children with this disorder demonstrate increasing difficulty as the spatial aspects of the task increase.For example, they may be relatively capable of simple visual discrimination tasks requiring them to find shapes that are similar to or different from a target shape.

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