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Try to be consistent Keep reinforcing the limits and behaviour you encouraged before your separation.Stick to your rules as much as possible, even if your child pushes back. Discipline: choose your battles Dealing with discipline issues can be especially hard when you’re parenting alone. Before you get irritated, ask yourself if it really matters.Positive co-parenting arrangements are also very good for children.Whether you’re a single parent or partnered, if you spend time with your child, he’s more likely to be happy and mentally healthy.Here’s the good news: children raised by single parents are generally just as happy as children living with two biological parents.Children do well with a single, loving adult role model.Below are some ideas for encouraging good behaviour and handling challenging behaviour when you’re a single parent.And if challenging behaviour doesn’t sort itself out in a few weeks, you can also try talking to a child health professional, like your GP or child and family health nurse.

You can acknowledge these feelings without accepting inappropriate behaviour.

Try to explain what’s happening in terms your child can understand.

For example, ‘Mum and I won’t be living together, but we both love you and want to see you whenever we can’.

Successful parents in all types of households: Children can be frightened by the strong emotions that go along with separation.

They need to hear that both parents love them and that the separation isn’t their fault.

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