So confused dating

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After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Hello all, I am so confused by my bf right now I don't know what to think and would appreciate some help.I think its great that he is still friends with his ex wife - this definitely benefits the daughter.You should not have a problem with that nor have a problem with him having her water his plants, check his mail etc. After all, you guys have only been dating for 8 months, he has 14 years of marriage/friendship with his ex so you should understand that.I asked him later why he didn't give me a heads up and he said she called at the last minute saying she was coming up, and he felt bad because he made it awkward for HER, because SHE didn't know I was coming, never apoligizing to me until after I got pissed when he called her that night to apologize for making her uncomfortable. Well, he's been really distant in the last week and he told me yesterday that other people's kids freak him out. I will admit, my kids can be a handful at times, and it IS a different situation than being used to a 4 year old girl by herself.But I asked him to explain himself, and he said he feels like being selfish right now, he loves the situation he has with his daughter when it's just the two of them, and he doesn't want my kids to start looking to him like a father figure.

I have two problems: First, it bothers me that he is so close to his ex, although I think it is wonderful that they get along and have a good relationship for their daughter.

Either accept it as being permanent and part of your life if you marry him, or decide you cannot live with that and leave. I think initiating having the kids meet and then stating "other peoples kids freak me out" and he just wants to be with his own kid is sending mixed signals and why would he and his daughter need a 4 bedroom house?

They are not going to change, and there is no point to asking him to not-be-so-close-to-the-mother-of-your-children. Jesslo, What does the ex's boyfriend think of the situation? I don't think your being selfish, I think your senseing that he is still emotionally involved with his ex.

I'm kind of taken aback that he was MORE concerned about his ex wife being uncomfortable then YOU. Lindsey, you know that people sometimes have to deal with their exes, particularly when children are involved.

A few days ago I happened to see my ex whom I hadn't seen for a long time.

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