Sophia bush dating on one tree hill

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Sophia Bush has broken up with long-term boyfriend Austin Nichols.

After six years of on and off dating, Sophia decided it was time to split for good.

They got married April 2005 after dating a year, around the time they were finishing off season 2, they got divorced 5 months later & the divorce was finalized some time in mid-season 3.

The MOST accurate thing I've heard is that Chad cheated with Paris Hilton on the set of the House of Wax.

It really was romanice & great..shame he cheated on her :( They were the BEST together.

relationship comes to an end April 4 and now their real life one is over too!! Everyone thought the third time might have been the charm but apparently not!! Is that just a nice way of saying she fell out of love or was he doing something specific??

He sent me great books on love and recommended a meditation teacher.

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” Well, this particular relationship was just a season, but still, it was life shaping. And I was able to process all that had happened and find a deeper understanding of love.The divorce and annulment Sophia petitioned for was finalized December 2006, during the time Season 4 was on air.Chad admitted to Sophia that he cheated on her which was able to allow her to cite 'Fraud' on the annulment without problems.They started dating around season 1 probably towards the middle because Soph said they were friends for a while before anything started happening.They got married April 16th 2005, season 3 was filmed from mid July 2004-April 2005. They announced they were getting separated on September 26th, 2005, so they were separated/in the process of getting a divorce by the start of filming Season 4.

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